Art Classes

I teach youth, 8 and above through adults. Classes meet weekly with 4 classes per month. I take students through a journey of learning foundational techniques in the 5 main mediums as a beginner. Students will complete one project in the following mediums: graphite, soft pastel, watercolor, acrylics, and oil. After that, they will go on to work with other mediums such as pen and ink, colored pencils, and mixed media or go back to the medium they enjoyed most. 

I teach from the point of realism so students work from reference photos to create. This allows for both the student and me to see the texture they are trying to replicate. I keep paper and canvas nearby to show them visually what they are looking to accomplish if needed. 

Each class has about 7 students with each one working on their own project. For example, one student is working with oils while another is working with soft pastels. I circle the room and work with each student on what they need. Students are at their own pace. Some students will complete a piece in as little as 4 weeks while others take months. This allows students to work and grow at the pace they are comfortable with. 

Classes have a monthly art fee along with a one-time beginner fee of $80. The beginner fee covers everything they will need at this level including a Strathmore drawing tablet, Faber Castel pencil set, blending stumps, and specialty erasers.

Once students complete the beginner level, they will begin to acquire materials in the mediums they enjoyed most or wish to pursue.

Tallahassee location:
$129 a month for 4- 85 minute classes.

Location: 3644-2 Shamrock W. Tallahassee, FL 32309

Monticello location:
$100 a month for 4- 60 minute classes.

Location: 160 West Washington St. Monticello, FL 32344